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Bret & Frisk

Special thanks to Mark Wayne and Marty Cheyka for their patience and production wizardry.
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Welcome to Bret and Frisk's web page! All you need to know about our upcoming public performances can be found right here.

Our summer 2022 schedule is already pretty well set. Summer is just about here! Get your party plans on!! Check out our calendar page to see where you can catch a show. We will be ready to see all of your friendly, smiling faces after this long, cold, snowy, lonely winter!

We will be appearing at some new venues this coming summer, as well as at our favorite haunts. We are really looking forward to our 30th year of performing together! Hard to believe it has been so long! 

 As we continue into our thirtieth year of performing together, it is extremely heartwarming to have made so many special friends through our travels and performances. As we reflect over the years, we realize how special you all are and that is what keeps us going! A special thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years. We are very blessed to have such special people in our lives!

If you are planning an event for next summer, please consider us for your entertainment. In addition, if you know of any community events looking for music, we really enjoy playing parks and craft fairs. Please refer them to our website or phone 715-547-6337.

If you have not seen a Bret and Frisk show, we pride ourselves in having a classic acoustic show with over 450 memorized songs to choose from . . .no page flipping, drum machines, chord charts and other distractions. We play what our audience wants to hear through our request sheets. This year we will be celebrating our 30th year of performing together! Since meeting in Breckenridge, Colorado it has been our pleasure to perform throughout the US over the years. Again, thank you for all of your kindness and support! Please call Bret or Frisk at 715-547-6337 or 715-617-6337 for more information.

You may purchase any of our CDs by calling 715-547-6337 or emailing us at bretandfrisk@yahoo.com  We accept checks. Sorry, no credit card payments.